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GROHE Defined Collection

Brought to you by GROHE’s international, award-winning design team and superb German engineering team, the GROHE Defined Faucet Collection is the essence of transitional design. Combining traditional curves and clean, contemporary lines, this exquisite style is masterfully executed with minimalist proportions outside, superior performance inside, and exacting attention to every detail.

About GROHE: GROHE is the world’s leading brand of sanitary fittings and dedicated to pr ...Read More

Grohtherm® 2-Handle Thermotatic Trims

German technology is redefining what the showering experience can be. Create your unique shower experience with the GROHE Grohtherm 2-Handle Thermostatic Trim. It allows you to easily change between shower head and hand shower by turning the diverter handle. GROHE's TurboStat® technology lets you reach your desired temperature in a fraction of a second. Available in four designs, the Grohtherm trim's clean, slim profile is perfect for your shower's modern look.

About GROHE: GROHE ...Read More

GROHE GrohSafe® 3.0 Shower Rough-In Valve

At GROHE, superior quality and flawless design are at the core of everything we do. With that in mind, we’ve engineered the GrohSafe 3.0 Pressure Balance Valve to accommodate every situation. From tight spaces to thin walls, floor or ceiling supply lines, and back-to-back installations, the compact GrohSafe, with flat back and 180° rotation, offers unmatched versatility on the job. Made of durable DZR brass for exceptional corrosion resistance, GrohSafe withstands harsh water condit ...Read More

GROHE Blue® Chilled and Sparkling 2.0 | EN

GROHE sets the standard for in-home beverage delivery with the GROHE Blue Chilled and Sparkling 2.0 Kitchen Faucet. Smart and satisfying, the GROHE Blue Chilled & Sparkling 2.0 Faucet allows you to enjoy instant access to filtered chilled water, medium carbonated or full sparkling water, and unfiltered tap water in one technologically advanced design. Push button with LED ring dispenses preferred water while lever handle dispenses tap water. Sleek and modern, the GROHE Blue Chilled & ...Read More

Pomme De Douche RainshowerMC 310 SmartConnect

GROHE a mis au point une nouvelle pomme de douche multifonction innovante qui établira une toute nouvelle norme pour le marché. Améliorez votre salle de bain grâce à la pomme de douche GROHE Rainshower 310 SmartConnect et son aspect léger et innovant qui s’adapte à la salle de bain moderne. Avec la télécommande innovante, vous pouvez facilement permuter entre les jets sans avoir à toucher la pomme de douche. La pomme d ...Read More

Rainshower™ 310 SmartConnect Showerhead

GROHE has developed an innovative new multifunction rain showerhead that will set a whole new standard for the market. Upgrade your bathroom with the GROHE Rainshower 310 SmartConnect, with a lightweight and innovative design that fits the modern bathroom. With the innovative remote control, you can easily switch between spray patterns without reaching for the shower head. The shower head has two different spray patterns - the gentle, relaxing GROHE PureRain pattern and the refreshing GROHE A ...Read More

GrohSafe® 3.0 Trim and Cartridge

Start to finish, GROHE exemplifies premium quality and superior performance. The GROHE trim collection with cartridge fits flawlessly on the GrohSafe 3.0 valve. From tight spaces to thin walls, floor or ceiling supply lines, and back-to-back installations, the compact GrohSafe 3.0 valve, with flat back and 180° rotation, offers unmatched versatility on the job. The GrohSafe 3.0 premium all-metal trims are designed for smooth operation with precise temperature adjustment that is unmistakab ...Read More

GROHE Euphoria® SmartControl® | EN

Enjoy a shower experience that is genuinely euphoric with the GROHE Euphoria SmartControl shower system. From its user-friendly, convenient functionality to its sleek, contemporary design, the Euphoria SmartControl has it all.

GROHE SmartControl® is an innovative shower system which lets you adjust the volume and temperature effortlessly, as well as selecting your preferred water outlet. Simply push the buttons to select your water outlet, turn the handle to increase the volume &n ...Read More

GROHE Collection Defined

Présentée par l’équipe de conception internationale primée de GROHE et la superbe équipe d’ingénierie allemande, la collection de robinets GROHE Defined est l’essence même du style de transition. Combinant des courbes traditionnelles et des lignes épurées et contemporaines, ce style exquis est magistralement mis en œuvre en offrant des proportions minimalistes et des performances supérieures et en acc ...Read More

Garnitures Thermostatiques à 2 Poignées Grohthermᴹᴰ

La technologie allemande redéfinit la douche elle-même. Créez une expérience unique avec la garniture thermostatique à 2 poignées GROHE Grohtherm. Elle vous permet de passer facilement de la pomme de douche à la douchette en tournant la poignée de l’inverseur. La technologie TurboStatMD de GROHE vous permet d’atteindre la température souhaitée en une fraction de seconde. Disponible en quatre modèles, le pr ...Read More