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BestCare®️ Ligature-Resistant Vinyl Floor Drains by Whitehall®️ Manufacturing

When patient safety is a concern, no detail should be overlooked. Whitehall®️ BestCare®️ ligature-resistant products are designed to minimize points of attachment that patients could use to hurt themselves or others. This animation showcases the BestCare Ligature-Resistant Floor Drain, highlighting its unique features and benefits for healthcare facilities.

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T&S Brass - 4 reasons you should switch to sensor faucets

Sensor faucets are the sleek, modern choice for many public facilities - and increasingly the expectation from users seeking clean restroom experiences. But if you need a little convincing before making the switch, T&S has four great reasons it's time to ditch the handles and embrace the sensor faucet.

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EZReach™ Compact Water Bottle Filling Station Installation | Murdock Mfg.

Replace almost any installed water fountain with a Murdock EZReach™ Compact Bottle Filler, available in refrigerated and non-refrigerated models. Before you start, be sure to shut off your main water supply and unplug the unit if it's refrigerated. The Murdock EZReach™ compact water refill station is two-thirds the size of standard bottle fillers and universally designed to fit most applications.


- Sanitary sensor operation

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