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Are Gas Absorption Heat Pumps The Future?

Join Michael and Bill in the latest episode of our 'Future of Heat' video series as they delve into the innovative world of the ANESI Gas Absorption Heat Pump from Stone Mountain Technologies.

With their expert insights and engaging discussion, they uncover the mechanics, benefits, and potential applications of this cutting-edge technology. Discover how the ANESI Gas Absorption Heat Pump stands out in the market, its efficiency compared to traditional systems, and why it might be the ...Read More

Condensing Boiler Design Information and Hydronic Application

In this presentation, Grant Erickson (AquaTech) explains the different types of boilers available in the market.

This session takes a look at how condensing boilers work, the types and styles of condensing boilers, piping options, increasing boiler plant efficiency, venting, and water quality.

This session was taken from our virtual Hydronics Technical Training Day hosted on Feb 7. This event featured industry experts providing high-quality technical training on everything hyd ...Read More

Hands on Hydronics Interactive Learning with Air to Water Heat Pumps

Join Michael Ridler (Eden Energy Equipment) as he walks you through an interactive step-by-step presentation on how to work with air-to-water heat pumps.

This session was taken from our virtual Hydronics Technical Training Day hosted on Feb 7. This event featured industry experts providing high-quality technical training on everything hydronics. Stay tuned for our future Technical Training Day virtual events!

SFA - Installation Sanipit® 24 GR - Étape par étape!

Cette nouvelle trousse de modernisation de pompe offre un moteur de broyeur intégré et un mécanisme de pression d'air qui s'adapte à la plupart des bassins de 24 pouces. Elle peut être installée dans des bassins de 24 pouces d'autres fabricants, la trousse offre polyvalence et compatibilité avec les systèmes de pompe existants. Le bassin actuel reste en place tandis que le couvercle du Sanipit 24GRs s'y adapte facilement.

L'un de ...Read More

Rookie & The Coach: Sparking Innovation with Electrofusion

Leah and Michael, the hosts of "Rookie and the Coach," delved into the world of Electrofusion, a versatile technique that simplifies the joining of small and large diameter piping systems for heating, cooling and domestic hot water. This process is more user-friendly than navigating the self-checkout at your local grocery store. By exploring the nuances of Electrofusion, they uncovered its numerous benefits and applications in the world of plumbing and HVAC.

Electrofusion offers a re ...Read More

ECM Circulator Technology – The Myths and the Realities

Join the Taco After Dark boys, John Barba, Dave Holdorf, and Rick Mayo, as they break some myths about ECM circulator technology. Variable speed technology can do wonders for the modern residential hydronic system, but they’re not magic.

They don’t size themselves and they don’t take the thinking out of circulator selection, no matter how many times you press that automatic button. In this session, they dispel the many myths and common falsehoods about ECM circulator ...Read More

High Performance Air, Dirt, and Magnetic Separation in Hydronic Design

Watch Max Rohr (Caleffi) discuss how well-designed hydraulic, air, dirt and magnetic separators are crucial in ensuring the peak performance of heating and cooling systems.

Fighting circulators waste energy and affect design flow rates. Clogged y-strainers and chronic air problems can become maintenance headaches. Keep your designs in good shape with proper separation.

This session was taken from our virtual Hydronics Technical Training Day hosted on Feb 7. This event featured ...Read More

Optimizing Energy Performance in Hydronic Heating Systems and the Role of Buffer Tanks

Join Gilles Leagult (CB Supplies) as he explores the benefits of integrating buffer tanks into hydronic heating systems for maximized efficiency.

This presentation will cover topics such as: The evolution of hydronic heating, emphasizing the advantages of accumulating energy to enhance the efficiency of heat sources, the benefits of stratification within buffer tanks and providing insights into optimal sizing considerations, effective piping strategies for the seamless operation of bu ...Read More

SFA - Sanipit® 24 GR Installation - Step by Step!

SFA Saniflo's new retrofit pump kit offers a built-in grinder motor and air pressure mechanism that fits most 24-inch basins. With the ability to retrofit into 24-inch basins from other manufacturers, the pump kit offers versatility and compatibility with existing pump systems. The current basin stays in place while the Sanipit 24GRs retrofit cover easily adapts to it.

One of the key differentiators of the Sanipit 24GR is its ability to create a dry cavity within the pit. Unlike other ...Read More

How Air Source Heat Pumps can tackle Canada’s biggest residential HVAC

In this virtual session hosted by Will Russell from Panasonic and John McLeod from Nordics, they discuss contractors' great opportunity in promoting air source heat pumps.

Will and John also discuss how the technology works, how it differs from a furnace, how to utilize hybrid systems, and more. There is also a live Q/A.

This session was taken from our virtual Heat Pump Technical Training Day hosted on Oct. 11. This event featured industry experts providing high-quality techni ...Read More