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Maintenance of Evaporative Condensers with axial fans

How to preserve the performance of closed-circuit cooling towers and evaporative condensers equipped with axial fans?  

Here we focus on the operations to carry out proper ordinary maintenance on appliances equipped with axial fans and heat exchanger coils in hot galvanized steel.

The webinar will focus on the maintenance activity to be carried out for:

Decsa's REF-A series, a closed-circuit evaporative cooler made of galvanized steel sheet Z-725 and axial f ...Read More

UNO by RITMO: Light, Compact, Powerful Extruder

A NEW WELDING EXPERIENCE UNO - Made in Italy – the extruder designed to fill the void, the latest innovative Ritmo concept in hand extrusion welding. UNO is the ultimate result of the dynamic study of perfection, of the attentive care for design and of the meticulous research for values in every detail. This new hand extruder is not only a working tool but the highest expression of welding quality and ergonomics, an unforgettable welding experience characterized by the perfect balance b ...Read More

Maintenance of cooling tower TMA-EU

In this webinar,

we present the ordinary activities to ensure the proper cooling towers maintenance of the TMA-EU series.

Designed for all air conditioning applications aiming to achieve savings on operating costs and the guarantee of high-efficiency thermodynamic performances certified by Eurovent and Cooling Technology Institute, Decsa's TMA-EU open circuit cooling towers with axial fans are designed to cool down water in civil and industrial environments and are today a ref ...Read More

Ordinary maintenance of TMR cooling towers

Which are the ordinary interventions required to ensure correct open circuit cooling tower maintenance of the TMR model?

During this webinar, Stefano Pernetti of Decsa's Customer Service will try to answer this question by explaining the major activities required to perform proper maintenance of our TMR cooling tower.

Below are the key points we will focus on:

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American Standard Fabrication de Robinets

American Standard offre innovation et performance dans la fabrication des robinets depuis plus de 150 ans et dispose d’un large éventail de robinets pour répondre aux besoins et à l’esthétique de toute maison. Voici un guide des différentes finitions et options de valve et de produit à prendre en considération lors de la sélection d’un robinet.

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