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SharkBite Quality Test

At SharkBite, we don't take quality lightly. Every fitting is the result of meticulous testing. Use them underground when wrapped and behind walls without access panels with confidence that they'll last for years to come. Discover how we put quality first: ...Read More

SharkBite Installation - Push-to-Connect

Learn how to install SharkBite push-to-connect fittings fast with this helpful How-To Video. The SharkBite Universal brass push-to-connect fittings create a seamless and easy transition between different types of pipe materials. No tools are required, and the fittings can be even installed in wet lines.

HoldRite - TestRite DWV Testing

TESTRITE meets all plumbing code requirements, and is lab tested and IAPMO UPC/IPC listed. The system is rated for up to 50 feet of head pressure (approximately five floors). And it also provides a system fill‐up or drain‐down option at the test tee location. TESTRITE is proven safe and effective— and in addition, it prevents water spillage and resulting property damage.

HoldRite - HydroFlame Pro Firestop Installation

In this video, we showcase three innovative firestop features that make HoldRite HydroFlame Pro Series Sleeves stand out from the rest. When it comes to plumbing innovation HoldRite is always there to support you. Our newest line of firestop sleeves are no different. HoldRite HydroFlame Pro Series is a cast-in-place firestop system designed to save installers time, installed labor costs and best of all, sleeves are available at your distributor of choice nationwide.

Types of PEX pipes

What is PEX tubing and what benefits does it have over copper pipe? We will also show different types of PEX.

SharkBite Installation - EvoPEX Fitting

An overview of the SharkBite EvoPEX System designed for new construction. The system is a meter-to-fixture solution for rough-in plumbing and requires no solder, glue, or any specialty tools. A special thanks to New River Building Co. for providing the home for our shoot location. 

RWC - Water Heater Solutions

Through its family of brands, RWC manufacturers a complete range of water heater accessories ranging from fittings and valves, to pipe supports, smart home devices and thermostatic mixing valves. Check out this video to see how our brands work together as a complete solution.

HoldRite - #117 No Hub Restraints

When designing above ground cast iron hubless piping systems, engineers and contractors often overlook the importance of using no-hub fitting restraints that keep pipes and fittings from separating under thrust force. That oversight can lead to disastrous consequences - flooding, equipment damage, property loss. Often, the use of proper restraints are omitted as a cost-cutting matter or are simply put into place as a temporary procedure, only to be removed once the system passes inspection. F ...Read More