The industrial cooling tower SQA series

By:  Arianna Badulli  on  Mar 14, 2022

Decsa is pleased to present SQA, the new series of open circuit industrial cooling towers designed to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs of the industrial market (process cooling). SQA is the perfect cooling tower for the industrial market characterized by the use of water with quantities of suspended solids, such as to require the use of extended fill packs (more space than the classic wave 12).

Designed to guarantee reduced water consumption and ensure minimum environmental impact, SQA differs from other industrial cooling towers on the market today thanks to a fan section with a chimney effect - capable of considerably reducing pressure drops on the airside and therefore the electrical consumption of the fans.

Thanks to the possibility of inserting different fill pack solutions in the heat exchanger, the SQA cooling tower guarantees the best ratio between heat rejection and overall dimensions.

These strengths of the SQA cooling tower, combined with the expertise acquired by Decsa in over 45 years of experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of machines for the thermal recovery of water from cooling circuits and the condensation of refrigerant gases, allow us to propose a high-performance cooling tower that is particularly suitable for the industrial market (including, by way of example, steelworks, iron and steelworks, cement, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, for cogeneration and the production of electrical energy).


The key features of the SQA cooling tower

As any Decsa cooling tower, SQA is a modular cooling tower and comprises three sections: the fan section, the heat exchanger and the water basin. Below are the peculiar characteristics of each unit.

Fan section

Decsa designs the fan section with a "chimney shape" to guarantee low-pressure drops and thus reduce the electrical consumption of the fans. Thanks to the chimney shape, it optimises the airflow distribution inside the unit; this specific design eliminates also the possibility of snow accumulation, reducing the static load on the supporting structures during the winter period.  

The fan section of Decsa's SQA cooling tower has a large inspection hatch which simplifies ordinary maintenance. It is available in three different variants, depending on the customer's needs and requirements:

- Axial fan directly connected to 8-pole three-phase electric motor with IP56 protection;

- Axial fan connected to 4-pole three-phase electric motor, with IP56 protection, efficiency class IE3 using belt and pulley transmissions (in this case, the motor is placed outside the humid airstream);

- Axial fan connected to 4-pole three-phase electric motor, with protection IP56, efficiency class IE3 using gearboxes with reduced maintenance level (in this case, the motor is placed out of the humid airstream).

Heat Exchanger section

The exchange section, on the other hand, is characterised first and foremost by the possibility of inserting up to 5 layers of fill pack thermal, thus ensuring a better ratio between the thermal output of the cooling tower and the overall dimensions. In order to be able to cool industrial water with suspended solids, SQA has enlarged packages (19 mm, 3D or splash pack), which can be perfectly adapted to even the most specific requirements. This section is also equipped with a PVC water distribution system with SHP nozzles, a flanged water inlet and a set of PVC drift eliminators. To facilitate unscheduled maintenance, the exchange section of the SQA cooling tower has removable panels on all sides without the need for tools.


Cold water basin

Finally, the water basin has a sloped bottom, according to the anti-legionella guidelines (for more details read the article: Preventing Legionella in cooling towers). The SQA's cooling tower water basin has a stainless-steel filter in correspondence with the cooled water outlet, an overflow connection, a make-up water system with a mechanical float valve and reinforced PVC air inlet grilles resistant to UV rays.

Like Decsa's other cooling towers, SQA is characterised by its functional and exclusive round-headed bolts, in galvanised steel (for the HDGS versions) and in SS304 (for the painted and/or stainless steel versions).


The strengths of the SQA industrial cooling tower

Choosing an SQA industrial cooling tower provides many benefits:

  • Best ratio between heat rejection of the tower and overall dimensions, guaranteed by the possibility of using heat fill packs of different settings
  • High energy savings, thanks to the optimisation of air flows
  • Reduced overall dimensions 
  • Reduced costs and maintenance time due to the use of a limited number of nozzles and specifically designed for industrial water use
  • Flexibility of connection to the system depending on space and customer requirements
  • Operational flexibility, with the possibility of selecting different thermal fill packs depending on the presence of suspended solids and/or pollutants (industrial water)
  • Innovative design which eliminates the possibility of snow accumulation, reducing the static load on the supporting structures during the winter period
  • Reduced noise level using low noise airfoil fans (accessory)
  • Wide choice of panel and frames 


Find out more about the SQA industrial cooling tower: contact us to request information, receive detailed technical data from equipment.