Evaporative Condensers Maintenance - with centrifugal fans

By:  Arianna Badulli  on  Mar 07, 2022

Here we show the main ordinary maintenance activities to be carried out on appliances equipped with centrifugal fans and hot-dip galvanized steel heat exchanger coils.

Specifically, this webinar will focus on two models: -

  • Decsa's REF-C closed circuit cooling tower, equipped with double inlet centrifugal fans. It is especially suitable for food, automotive, power generation, air conditioning, chemical and industrial applications
  • Decsa's CFR-C evaporative condenser, equipped with centrifugal fans and heat exchanger coils able to run at above-average operating pressures. It is an excellent solution for the industrial refrigeration field.

Below are the key points we will handle: 

  1. Introduction to ordinary maintenance of cooling towers and evaporative condensers with centrifugal fans
  2. Evaporative Condenser (CFR-C series)
  3. Evaporative Cooler (REF-C series)
  4. The two sections assembled
  5. Upper exchange section
  6. Lower fan section + water collection basin
  7. Q&A

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