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Get to Know: SANIFLO® Drain Water Pumps

SANIFLO offers three drain, or grey water, pumps - SANIVITE®, SANISWIFT®, and SANISHOWER® - that move drain water away from fixtures in both residential and commercial applications.

These units are the perfect solution for those looking to add more than just a toilet to their home. This can include anything from a sink, shower, or bathtub to a dishwasher, or even a washing machine!

Get to Know: SANIFLO® Self-Contained Macerating Systems

We offer two self-contained macerating units - SANICOMPACT® and SANISTAR® - which are perfect for small residential spaces, such as under the stairs or in a closet, and ideal for those with physical limitations.

These units have a macerator built into the toilet, eliminating the need for additional connections and making installation simple and possible to do in as little as a day!