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TPI SP565 Hot Wire Velocity Meter with View App

TPI SP 565 Thermal Anemometer Hotwire air velocity probe with flip up telescopic sensor wand. Use with free TPI View App for iOS & Android to display and record air velocity and air flow.

Measure air velocity and temperature simultaneously Communicate with Android Smart Phone using Bluetooth LE and TPI App Record minimum, maximum & average Multiple measuring units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mile/h

Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Balancing

This is a recording of a presentation that was done to inform a Mechanical Contracting firm of the benefits of installing CircuitSolver thermostatic balancing valves as their domestic hot water balancing valve of choice. 

The presentation goes over the essential components of a domestic hot water recirculation system and why there is a need to balance. We then go into the different types of balancing valves on the market and the pros and cons of each.

Smart 316 Training Presentation Video

Watch our training presentation on the new and improved Smart 316. Learn more about the features, quality improvements, and marketing-leading warranty - making the Smart 316 the smartest choice.        

John Wood Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

This video covers 3 important points to note when choosing a John Wood condensing tankless water heater:

1. Proper water heater sizing

2. Practical installation guidelines

3. Suggested annual maintenance

BAXI Online Training - Overview and Intro

Here at BAXI we take pride in training our customers on installation and service of our line of heating products.  Here is a brief overview of our online training series that is available through our dealer portal and in intro to BAXI North America.  In order to access our dealer portal, you will have to register to become a BAXI Pro Dealer:

How? Two Easy Steps! Attend a factory training program to earn a designation certificate Register as a dealer on  ...Read More