Energy Saving Products Ltd.

Home of Hi-Velocity Systems

     Energy Saving Products Ltd. is an Edmonton, Alberta based manufacturer of heating, air conditioning and air purification products (HVAC/AP).  Established in 1983 by Leon & Elaine Prevost, ESP  is now a second-generation family business focusing on North American sales with a growing emphasis on international markets.

     Energy Saving Products Ltd. has been manufacturing its flagship product, the Hi-Velocity System, for over 35 years. The Hi-Velocity System is a small duct system that utilizes the Venturi principal to deliver air into the conditioned space providing optimum levels of indoor air quality, thermal comfort and energy efficiency to it’s customers. One Hi-Velocity System can be used to provide any combination of heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, fresh air, humidification, de-humidification and air purification, delivering total home comfort.