Installation of evaporative condensers at Galbani factory in Corteolona , Italy - Decsa

By:  Arianna Badulli  on  Mar 07, 2022

This video shows the installation of No. 3 Decsa evaporative condensers at the Galbani factory in Corteolona (PV), Italy.

Since the second half of 2020, Decsa has been involved by Galbani, an important multinational food dairy company, to supply new evaporative condensers for their cooling plants as replacements for existing ones.

Decsa supplied the following:

  • No. 3 evaporative condensers of 1,700 kW serving the Chiller Plant;
  • No. 4 evaporative condensers of 1,700 kW serving the Clauger Plant;
  • No. 6 heat exchange sections for the revamping of other units not produced by Decsa and already in use for several years.

More information about it is on the following link